Terms and Conditions of the BikeBunkers Service

    1.1 The contract between DCC and the Customer is valid for the duration of 12 months.
    1.2 The renewal of contract is at DCC discretion.
    1.3 DCC will issue a reminder to each Customer in advance of the contract expiry date with option to renew the contract by paying annual fee.
    1.4 If the customer does not pay the fee or the fee is paid after the due date, the place in the bunker may be lost and will be allocated to the next person in queue.
    1.5 If customer does not wish to continue using the bike bunker service after renewal date, his/her stored bicycle(s) must be removed from the bunker within 14 days following contract expiry and keys to the bunker must be returned to DCC to the address: Bike Bunkers Dublin City Council, Block 2, Floor 7, Civic Offices Wood Quay, Dublin 8.
    1.6 The existing customers will get priority in allocation of bike bunker spaces on the renewal date.
    2.1 If the Customer requires cancellation of the Contract, he/she shall inform DCC of their intent by email to [email protected] or in writing to Bike Bunkers Dublin City Council, Block 2, Floor 7, Civic Offices Wood Quay, Dublin 8.
    2.2 DCC will not issue refunds for any credit/time left on the account following suspension or cancellation.
    2.3 DCC reserves the right to suspend or cancel Customer’s account at any time for breach of rules described within these terms and conditions.
    2.4 Following cancellation, suspension or expiry of the account, all bicycles stored by the customer must be removed from the bike bunker within 14 days.
    2.5 Any bicycle not removed in time by the Customer following suspension, cancellation or contract expiry will be removed by DCC and stored in one of the DCC depots where customer will be able to collect it. In such case, the date, time and location of collection should be discussed by contacting [email protected].
    2.6 A 50€ depot storage fee will be applied quarterly to each customer for delays with collecting the bicycle(s).
    2.7 DCC will not be liable for any bicycle damage occurring during bicycle removal, transport or storage.
    2.8 Following suspension, cancellation or contract expiry, Customer must return all supplied bike bunker keys to DCC by sending it to Bike Bunkers Dublin City Council, Block 2, Floor 7, Civic Offices Wood Quay, Dublin 8.
    2.9 The bike bunker key(s) must be returned to DCC not later than 14 days from the removal of bike(s).
    2.10 DCC reserves the right to cease the bike bunker service at any time by issuing 14 days notice to customers. In such case, adequate refunds will be issued to customers depending on time left until renewal.
    3.1 Bike bunkers provide additional security for storing bicycles, however, by providing bike bunker service DCC is not liable for loss or damage to the stored bicycles or related equipment.
    3.2 The bicycles are stored in bike bunkers at Customer’s risk and it is strongly recommended to lock the bicycle inside the bunker for added security.
    3.3 It is a responsibility of each user of bike bunker to properly lock bike bunker after each use.
    3.4 All users of bike bunkers must take care of their health and safety when opening, closing or otherwise using bike bunker.
    3.5 Any health and safety concerns related to bike bunker should be addressed with DCC bike bunker section as soon as possible.
  4. PRICE
    4.1 DCC shall be entitled to adjust the Contract price of the Services at any time, however the revised price will be applicable from the Contract renewal date.
    4.2 The introductory price for bike bunker service is 100€ per 12 months for each parking space.
    5.1 It is responsibility of the Customer to safe keep bike bunker key(s). If the supplied bike bunker key is lost or defective, please contact DCC Bike Bunker section to organise replacement key.
    5.2 No uncertified copy of bike bunker key should be made by customer. Any extra key requirements should be discussed with DCC Bike Bunker section.
    6.1 DCC will install, regularly maintain and clean BikeBunkers. Should you notice a defect or damage, or if another household is misusing a BikeBunker, please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected]
    7.1 Bike bunkers and bike bunker keys shall remain property of DCC at all times.
    8.1 Payment for services is due within 10 days from the date DCC confirms allocation of space or spaces in bike bunker with Applicant.
    8.2 DCC will assume no interest in offered space(s) if the Applicant fails to pay DCC full sum for the applied service in the required time and the space(s) will be allocated to the next Applicant in the queue.
    8.3 Payment for the renewal of service will be due from DCC notice prior to the renewal date up to the renewal date. If no payment is received within the stated time, the allocated space(s) may be lost and reallocated to the next Applicant(s) in the queue.
    8.4 Once you make your payment, you will have been deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions for this service
    8.5 Payment for the services can be made online via payment portal using Customer’s unique reference included in the acceptance or renewal email from DCC.

If you accept the above Terms and Conditions, please use the below link to proceed to make your payment.

Making your Payment

I accept these Terms and Conditions and wish to proceed to make my payment.

Dublin City Council

Civic Offices Wood Quay Dublin 8
[email protected]

Postal address
Bike Bunkers Dublin City Council, Block 2, Floor 7, Civic Offices Wood Quay, Dublin 8

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