What are BikeBunkers?

BikeBunkers are secure hangars for city residents to securely stow their bicycles close to their home and under cover, saving space and worry, and for just €100 per year.

(This is a brand new initiative of Dublin City Council. This means that this service will change and grow over the next few years, based on your feedback and as we learn more about the service – so please be generous with both your feedback and your patience! 🙂 You can read more here.)


Learn all about Dublin’s new BikeBunkers


BikeBunkers are shelters which provide a safe and secure storage space for storing your bicycle. …


Thanks to their robust and non-flammable construction, BikeBunkers protect your bicycle against theft and vandalism. …


You may apply for a BikeBunker anywhere inside Dublin City Council’s administrative area (the blue …

Using a Bunker

BikeBunkers are a subscription service. Here’s how to register your interest, and what will happen …


Learn about subscribing to the service


Who’s behind this new service?