These are the queries that we receive most often by email and on social media and we’ve grouped all of the replies into one place.

(If you’re here because we’ve auto-responded to your email, and your question isn’t already covered here, we’ll be in touch shortly.)

How can our household / street / neighbourhood get a BikeBunker?

We’re prioritising them according to the number of requests in a particular area. Here’s the process, and here’s how you can register your interest.

We’re an apartment management company / business / hospital / university. Can we register our interest to use one?

We’ve been getting a huge number of requests like this, but we want to start with residential households only – here’s more information on eligibility.

Once the service is running well, we’ll then look at how we can expand it to others.

We’re an apartment management company / business / hospital / university, etc. Where could we buy our own? Would we need planning permission?

Here’s some suppliers of hangars and lockers that we’ve found.

Please check with our Planning Department in relation to planning requirements, as it will depend on your circumstances.

I previously applied for space(s) in a BikeBunker – when might I expect to get them?

It will depend entirely on how many of your neighbours have also applied, but also on how fast we’re able to procure new hangars.

How were the locations chosen?

Here’s how we are picking locations for BikeBunkers.

I saw a BikeBunkers sign – is that where it’s going to go?

We pick a location according to certain criteria, and we place a pavement sign there in order to trigger local feedback.

We’d be more than happy to tap into your local knowledge and to tweak the location to somewhere else on your street, and have already done so many times.

Please see the priority of criteria that we’re using when trying to pick locations.

How did you decide on the €100 cost?

Here’s how we arrived at the cost. Once this fledgling service has properly established itself, we will be aiming to reduce the price as much as possible.

Are there any discount for families, students or OAPs?

Not yet, but we will be looking at that aspect once this new service is established.

Who’s behind this service?

The BikeBunkers service is an initiative of Dublin City Council, and is currently “in beta“.

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