BikeBunkers are shelters which provide a safe and secure storage space for storing your bicycle. They’re handily located on a public street near your home and keep your bike cosy and dry.

They have the following great benefits:


BikeBunkers will help you free up space in your hallway, small garden or yard – or even your balcony. Live for your bike, not with it! No more mess and dirt from wet or dirty wheels by having to wheel your bicycle into, or through, your home. Your hallway walls will also thank you!

These robust shelters will keep your bike safe from theft, or from being damaged whilst locked onto a pole on your street. You’ll also save money on the cost of repairs (fewer broken chains!) to your bicycle as they’ll be kept out of the elements.

Supporting Cycling

Does your bicycle usually live under tins of paint in a shed? It just makes your bicycle a less attractive option for short trips. Also, about a third of people don’t buy another bicycle after their bicycle is stolen, with many giving up cycling altogether. BikeBunkers address both of these issues and their location on the public street also serves as a clear status for the beautiful bicycle in our Capital.

Your Street

As they help to remove bicycles which are usually parked onto poles and railings, BikeBunkers will free up space on the pavements in your neighbourhood, making it easier for you or your neighbours to get around!

They provide residents-only parking for locals, and will also increase the ‘eyes on the street’ for your neighbourhood.

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