Eligible locations

This service will initially only be only available “inside the canals”.

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Specific locations

Once a month, we will review the locations of all expressions of interest received. When we have received several expressions of interest in close proximity to one another, only then do we assess the location for a BikeBunker.

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When we’re looking to find a suitable location for a BikeBunker near a particular cluster of streets, we’ll be considering aspects such as these…

  • BikeBunkers will be on public streets.
  • They will generally be on residential streets, and not main thoroughfares.
  • They will not usually be located on footpaths.
  • We’ll generally be aiming for a maximum distance of 100m from the keyholders’ doors (as earlier trial learnings indicated).
  • We will locate them to maximise the convenience for the users. (For example locating them near corners will be more convenient for the residents of several streets, and placing them near the entrance/exit to a cul-de-sac rather than at the ‘dead end’ will mean that the BikeBunker will be ‘on your way’, wherever you live on the street.)
  • Whenever possible, we will locate them away from people’s doors or windows.
  • If possible, we will position them under a street light to make them easier to use.

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