You may apply for a BikeBunker anywhere inside Dublin City Council’s administrative area (the blue boundary below), however please note that we are currently only considering registrations of interest “inside the canals” (the red boundary below) whilst this new service establishes itself.

The yellow pins are showing where BikeBunkers have already been installed.

The black circles are showing the general (“around there somewhere”) locations which we’re currently proposing and looking for your local input (see below).

Picking General Locations

Every 3 months, we map the locations of all the registrations of interest received to date and we consider all the locations that have several expressions of interest in close proximity to one another. See the below image as an example (light blue = 1 space requested, dark blue = 2 spaces requested).

Once we have a shortlist of potential locations, we then assess it against the below criteria.

Picking Specific Locations

When we’re looking to find a suitable location for a BikeBunker on your street, we’re considering these aspects, and in this order of priority.

  1. BikeBunkers are about convenience, and so we only consider within a certain radius (about 200m around where people applied).
  2. We prefer to locate them on quieter residential streets, rather than busy main thoroughfares.
  3. We then look at where we can locate them off-pavement in either existing car parking or sometimes we can find an ‘unused’ piece of the roadway. Locating them on a pavement is only considered as an absolute last resort.
  4. We then try to find a spot that’s away from people’s doors and windows – such as at gable ends – with the ideal being when a household or group of neighbours comes forward with a suggestion for a location on their street (that also matches these criteria).
  5. They’ll usually open onto the public footpath rather than onto the roadway – and that footpath will also need to be wide enough for a user to swing their bike into the BikeBunker. (And also to ensure that there’s sufficient space remaining should the feet of the hangar be placed on the footpath, as many of them are designed to do.)
  6. We prefer to keep them away from low rear walls – to reduce any security risk to premises.
  7. We look to position BikeBunkers as sensitively as possible when they’re being placed nearby protected structures or within architectural conservation areas.
  8. All things being equal, we then prefer to position them under a street light to make them easier to use.

Car Parking

Here’s some solutions which you may find useful in relation to the parking of cars on your street:

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